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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the first call for any shipping crisis by providing cost-effective expedited transportation services with a particular emphasis on communication and personal attention.

Personal attention

We know that a shipping crisis can mean that your business is on the line. It is therefore our business to devote our undivided attention to your shipment from the moment we answer your call until it arrives at its destination. Our state-of-the-art tracking and communications systems allow us to keep you informed every step of the way, with up-to-the-minute updates on the progress of your shipment.

Cost-effective solutions

We offer competitive prices for all of our services, regardless of route, through our partnerships with multiple major global carriers. We can handle all aspects of transporting time-sensitive shipments, whether they are oversized, irregularly shaped, or require special handling. From small parcels hand-carried by our agents to outsize industrial machinery requiring specialized aircraft, we match the right mode of transportation to meet your size and time requirements.

On time where you need us

We handle a wide spectrum of domestic and international shipments: door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-door and airport-to-airport. We offer direct points of contact in major cities throughout the United States and Mexico. Through our partnerships with customs brokers and HTS specialists, we work to ensure that your shipment can cross international borders without hassle and arrive on time.

Our Services

Our advantage is the ability to match your requirements with services that fit your budget.

Air Cargo Charters

We make all of the arrangements needed for your freight to arrive on time, including ground handling, customs, pickup, delivery and timely notifications to keep you up to date on its progress.


Air Cargo Charter

With our air cargo charters, we manage every aspect of your shipment from door to door, including:

  • Air and ground handling
  • Submission of export documents
  • Customs, supplier and customer notification
  • Supplier/customer paperwork
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Loading and unloading
  • TSA compliance
  • In-transit visibility reports

Avoid costly mistakes and let our experienced logistics professionals handle your air charter needs.

Hand Carrier

We have a global, multilingual network of couriers who will take personal charge of your shipment and take any mode of transportation necessary to ensure your package or sensitive documents arrive where they are needed.


Hand Carrier Service

With our hand carrier service, we will dispatch an agent from our global network to personally carry your shipment to its destination, no matter how remote. Our logistics professionals will plan and optimize an itinerary to ensure timely delivery of any package or documents. Our hand carrier service includes:

  • 24/7/365 dispatch
  • 30-minute response time
  • Agent boarding within 2 hours in many major airline hubs
  • Skilled, multi-lingual agents (Spanish, English, German and Japanese)
  • Pickup and delivery to remote areas
  • Personal supervision and follow-through by our agents and account managers

Ground Services

We can move your time-sensitive cargo faster and more economically than other major carriers. We can supply any necessary means of ground transportation for your needs, from small vans to tractor trailers.


Ground Services

With our expedited ground service, we use our network of partnered ground carriers to quickly move your freight with fewer delays. By using driver teams and cross-dock facilities, we can maximize the length of each ground leg and minimize delays between legs to ensure speedy delivery. Additionally, we provide in-transit ground service between any US location to the Mexican cities of Monterrey and Querétaro. Our Mexican partners comply with USDOT regulations, simplifying border crossings in both directions as much as possible. We can supply the following forms of transportation as needed:

  • Cargo vans (up to 2,000 lbs.)
  • Sprinter vans (up to 3,000 lbs.)
  • Small straight trucks (up to 9,000 lbs.)
  • Large straight trucks (up to 12,000 lbs.)
  • Tractor-trailers (up to 40,000 lbs.)

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